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Persuade your boss to let you work from home in a apocalyptic world.

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Game Introduction

Codename: Apocalypse is a rogue-like deck-building game that combines role-playing and deck-building elements as one. Play as a normal civilian and try to live as usual, while an unknown doomsday crisis is approaching. Collect various cards, make your choice in different events to survive in the coming apocalypse, create your own story in this pre-apocalypse world.

The cards in the game are divided into more than 30 subjects, in relation to the corresponding knowledge point. While building the deck, players can also accumulate the corresponding skills. The skill point can lead to the appearance of extra dialog or investigation options during the story events. These options will affect the behavior and character of the protagonist, and even the enemies to be encountered in the coming battles.

Multiple story scripts will be available in Codename: Apocalypse. Depending on your choices, players may experience pre-apocalypse lives caused by cult, zombie crisis, ecological disaster, alien invasion, etc. Players can challenge these scripts of different mechanics to gradually unlock the progress of the game and discover the truth behind the doomsday disaster.



ゲーム内のカードは30種類以上の学科に分けられ、カードをどんどん入手し、スキルアップを目指しましょう!スキルアップによって、ストーリーイベント中に追加の会話や調査オプションが現れます。 そして、主人公とキャラクターの行動や今後の戦闘で遭遇する敵にも影響を与えられます。



類Rogue卡牌遊戲《末日代碼(Codename: Apocalypse)》是一款融合角色扮演與牌組構築的遊戲。玩家在遊戲中扮演一位平民,在面臨未知末日危機的世界裡,繼續如常上班生活,玩家可通過不同的對話選項以及卡牌戰鬥精進求生技能,試圖於即將到來的大災難中存活下來,以決定主角以及其他角色的結局。





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I never comment on anything, but I came here to say this is one of the best deckbuilders I have played!! Very excited for the full game!!

Thank you for playing and your feedback! 
It is our pleasure to hear that you enjoyed this game. Your kind words have given us great encouragement! We will continue developing the full game and strive for the best gaming experience!

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good game

Thanks for playing and the video!
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